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Antenatal Physiotherapy

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January 8, 2020
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January 8, 2020

Antenatal Physiotherapy

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Antenatal Physiotherapy is performed by the trained and experienced professionals. It aims at the prevention of lower back pain and unexpected physical problems experienced pre and post delivery of a baby. A pregnant lady undergoes various hormonal changes during the pregnancy period which needs special attention. The varied preventive measures can help a family experience safe delivery.

Our Antenatal Physiotherapy services aims at helping patients cope up strongly with the different physical changes a woman faces before and after a child birth.Our approach lies in strengthening the body muscles including tightening vaginal, anal, and other muscles.  

Key Benefits

  • Helps to keep body fit and overall health
  • Aids in making your body ready for the safe delivery
  • Recommended for pregnant ladies
  • Relief from backpain
  • Boosts in sleep
  • Boost confidence and prepare you for good experience

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